We have been in the CBD business for over 5 years and all started when our son was diagnosed with ADHD. We decided instead of putting him on pharmaceutical medications we would try CBD & we experienced incredible results. We then created our own CBD line and knew we wanted to expand with a store front! We learned that Kratom could be used for anxiety, depression, chronic pain and also to help stop or reduce opioid or other substance use and to manage withdrawal symptoms. We also learned that Kava has been used as a ceremonial drink in the Pacific Islands for hundreds of years. Some people report its effects are similar to alcohol and this is where the inspiration for Yerb Labs came about. We are certainly not from this planet and you will see that when you step into ther Lab. Yerb Labs Kava Lounge opened December 4th, 2021. Our goal & mission is to bring people together to Bula; celebrating love, life and positive vibes while sharing our knowledge of the benefits and healing powers of Kava, Kratom CBD & Mushrooms. Our "C02" Kava, Kratom & D8 THC drinks go through a 7 stage filtration process 3 times using a UV light to offer you a top quality product.  Along with CO2 we also offer hand pour option for Kava and Kratom drinks. Our Delta-8 THC craft drinks on tap will take you to another planet! Thank you for landing on our page. Welcome to space! 🚀


We offer a variety of exotic snacks and sodas that are out of this world!



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